Gym Rules 

  1. All gym sessions must be pre-booked at  By booking a session you agree to abide by the revised gym regulations.
  2. If you cannot attend your session you must inform Lisa either by email ( or by message to 07905 234687.
  3. Do not enter the gym if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19.
  4. Do not enter the gym prior to your allotted time.
  5. Upon entry, you must use the hand sanitising station before proceeding.
  6. You do not need to wear a mask or gloves, but may of course choose to do so.
  7. Please arrive in gym kit – the shower and changing room is out of use but the toilet facility and drinking water remains accessible
  8. Do not use a towel on any gym equipment
  9. Please use the anti bac cleaning spray and paper towels provided to clean all equipment after use.  There are no exceptions.
  10. Please maintain safe social distancing at all times and use the equipment sensibly within these guidelines.  There are floor markings to assist you.
  11. Please respect others at all times – remembering some members may be finding returning uncomfortable
  12. Please exit the gym by the hour, taking all your belongings with you.
  13. The Directors of The Buntingford Gym reserve the right to examine the CCTV footage taken in the gym.
  14. Any members found to be ignoring the rules will have their membership reviewed.
  15. The gym will be cleaned daily.

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